7 Top Bourbons To Try From Maisano’s

Jonathon Maisano of Maisano's Fine Wine & Spirits has a passion for wine and whiskey. Especially whiskey. Throughout the year Jonathan travels to distilleries in Kentucky to meet with Master Distillers to taste and hand select barrels. Here are his short reviews on a few hand select and non-hand select bourbon offerings from Maisano's Fine Wine & Spirits.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon

“Rich caramel & butterscotch with balanced spice notes.”

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Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon

“Very mild with notes of citrus & honey with just a touch of nuttiness.”

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Michter's Small Batch American Whiskey

“Sweet vanilla and caramel with dried fruit flavors.”

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Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Bourbon

“Honey drizzled toasted almonds, rich and nutty with a touch of leather.”

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Confused about the difference between bourbon and whiskey? Watch our video.